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Optima Metals & Industry - Tool Steels

Optima Metals is distributor of Volkan Steels for special steels. V’Steels adds services such as heat treatment, machining and coating together with the most advanced technique of today’s work, as well as our understanding of smiling and intensifying service, which has been continuing since 1998 by Volkan Çelik.

Having guided the sector technically for 25 years, Thanks to the new concept created by Dr. Aziz Hatman, a perfect product range has been created in tool steel by developing cooperation with different factories for each application.

Our special steels is mainly used Aluminium HPDC dies, plastic moulding dies, automotive industry, forming dies, heavy machinery, spare parts production etc.

Hot Work Tool Steels

1.2343 (X37CrMoV5-1) 1.2344 (X40CrMoV5-1) 1.2367 (X38CrMoV5-3) 1.2365 (32CrMoV12-28) 1.2714 (55NiCrMoV7)

Cold Work Tool Steels 1.2080(X210Cr12) 1.2379(X153CrMoV12) 1.2358(60CrMoV18-5) 1.2363(X100CrMoV5) 1.2842(90MnCrV8) 1.2767(45NiCrMo16) Powder Metallurgical Steels PMD Series Plastic Mould Steels 1.2316 (X38CrMo16) 1.2738 (40CrMnNiMo8) 1.2312 (40CrMnNiMo8-6) 1.2311 (40CrMnMo7) 1.4034 (X46Cr13) 1.2764 (X19NiCrMo4) Standart Steels 1.1730 (C45 U) 1.7225 (42CrMo4 , AISI 4140) 1.6511 (36CrNiMo4 , AISI 4340)

High Speed Steels

1.3343 (HS 6-5-2-C) 1.3243 (HS 6-5-2-5)

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