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Great Interest to Optima Metals

We left another fair behind. Again, the greatest interest was towards Optima Metals. We would like to thank all our great business partners, valuable visitors and students who visited us. Our company, which appeals to almost every sector, was present at our stand in Brasov with the technical team. Optima Metals has very high products range.

The demand for our copper alloy products, in particular, was very high.

Our main copper alloy products are as follows: CuCrZr CuCr1Zr, DIN 17666 - C15000, W .NR. 2.1293 – Class 2 (II), CuCrZr, CW106C CuCoNiBe CuCoNiBe, DIN 17666 - C17510, CW103C, C17500 : CLASS 3 (III), CuCoNi1Be CuCo2Be CuCo2Be, DIN 17666 - C17500, 2.1285 , CW 104C, AFNOR: UK2Be, B534, Class3 (III) CuBe2 CuBe2, W.NR. 2.1247 DIN 17672 – C17200, CW101C, UBE 2, C17300, RWMA: Class 4(IV) CuNi2SiCr CuNi2SiCr, 2.0855, C18000, CW111C, CuNiSi, CuNi2Si, C70250, CuNi2Si +Cr Class 3 (III) Cu-ETP Cu-ETP, 2.0065 , E-Cu58 , E2-Cu58 , C110000, Cu99.9E, 5010, Cu 99.95, Cu-OF1 (OF-Cu)


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