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New Fair and Again Great Result TOP Requested CuNi2Si+Cr

As Optima Metals family, we attended the automotive fair in Sibiu / Romania last month. Our stand was visited by hundreds of people. As a result of this visit, we achieved many successful projects. Thank you very much to everyone who visited us. Our elders used to say, "Only customers advertise a company." Invest as much money as you want in advertising agencies, if your customers do not trust you, unfortunately you will not get results. We continue on our way by taking these suggestions into consideration. Because our customers advertise us, because we have a win-win mentality. Are you tired of being defrauded by other ridiculous companies or not answering your phone, or promised delivery time is not respected? One of the reasons for our rapid growth is that we put our customers at our focus. If you exist, we exist. CuCr1Zr (CW106C)

CuNi2Si+Cr (CW111C)


CuBe2 (CW101C)

CuCo2Be (CW104C)

Cu-ETP (CW004A) CuAl10Ni5Fe4 (CW307G) 

CuAl10Fe2 (CC331G)

CuAl9Ni3Fe2 (CW304G)

CuAl8Fe3 (CW303G) 

CuAl7Si2 (CW302G) 

CuSn8 | CuSn10 | CuSn12 BZ-tin CW502L (CuZn15 – 2.0240)

CW508L (CuZn37 – 2.0321)

CW602N (CuZn36Pb2As)

CW608N (CuZn38Pb2 – 2.0371)

CW612N (CuZn39Pb2 – 2.0380)

CW614N (CuZn39Pb3 – 2.0401)

Cold Work Tool Steels

Cold Work Tool Steels

Plastic Mould Steels

PM Tool Steels

High Speed Steels


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