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Optima Metals & Engineering Solutions is established by professional engineers in Bucharest / Romania for to address the industry's shortage. We know very well what our customers want and need. We do everything under the same roof. We do all of the casting, forging, heat treatment and machining. All of our technical drawings are redrawn by our CAD/CAM team and we keep your data security at the highest level. Trust and stability are the most important items for us. We stand behind everything we can supply. Thank you for choosing us!


High Quality Materials

We provide to your business high quality materials, as a signature of our work.


”Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten.”

Long Term Partnership

We know our client’s needs, customized prices &payment terms, easy-going order process, trustful partnership.


”Collaboration equals innovation!”

Fast Delivery

We understand your need of receiving the goods quickly, so we have fast delivery solutions.

”Nothing in business is so valuable as time.”

24h Customer Support & Care Service

We are near our clients! Our engineers are supporting you with technical knowledges. Easy follow your order process.

”Satisfaction is a rating. Loyality is a brand.”

Competitive Prices

We are on a continuos competition on the market and we keep our place to the top.


”No competition, no progress.”

Materials and Machining: Under One Roof!

We are supplying materials and we offer machining in our factory according your technical drawing.

Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection,we can catch EXCELLENCE!

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