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OptimaXim® CuCr1Zr (CW106C)

Hard copper alloy with high electrical conductivity and high mechanical properties provides us to use for especially resistance welding application. Additionally it used for contacts of electrical lines as a result of high electric conductivity and used for ingot moulds for gravity die casting of brass and copper.


One of the most important properties of this alloy is Beryllium free Excellent combination of high thermal and electrical conductivity, with good hardness and strength and good corrosion and wear resistance.


Hardness and high heat resistance combined with high electrical and thermal conductivity. The rate of Be is lower than CuBe2. Suggested applications; resistance welding cosumables, wire mesh electrodes.

cube2 moulding.jpg

CuBe2 has great hardness, very good strength, high electrical and thermal conductivity. It can be used in some applications which needs very high hardness. Additionally it is non-sparking material for using in combustible atmosphere.


CuCo2Be copper alloy contains; approximately 2,5% Cobalt, 0,3% Nickel and 0,5% Beryllium. CuCo2Be is considerably good hardness with good electrical and thermal conductivity after hot forging and heat treatment processes. It has also slightly better mechanical and physical properties than CuCoNiBe.


Cu-ETP is primarily used in the electronic industry to produce stamped and folded parts. This alloy is also used in the superconductor industry, as a heat dissipater, as lead frames, in coaxial cables and in underwater fiber optic cables. In vacuum applications, Cu-OF or Cu-OFE are more appropriate as anodes, waveguides, joints, etc.

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