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optima metals CuCrZr

Best Quality Copper Alloys

CuCoNiBe, CuCrZr, CuBe2, CuNi2Si+Cr, Cu-ETP

automotive optima metals


aviation optima metals


defence optima metals


project optima metals



  • High pressure die casting dies

  • Bronze slipper pad

  • Seam welding

  • Cap welding

  • Metal injection pistons

  • Railway welding

  • Wire mesh welding

  • Construction materials

  • Low pressure die casting dies

  • Gravity casting dies

  • Aluminium extrusion dies

  • Aluminium extrusion tooling tools

  • Hot forging dies

  • Hot stamping dies

  • Forming and blanking dies

  • Deep drawing dies

  • Car body dies

  • Roll forming rolls

  • Forming tools

  • Sliding knives

  • Rotary blades

  • Industrial knives

  • Plastic injection molds

  • Plastic extrusion molds

  • Pins and inserts

tool steels flat bar
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