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Cu-ETP, 2.0065 , E-Cu58 , E2-Cu58 , C110000, Cu99.9E, 5010, Cu 99.95, Cu-OF1 (OF-Cu)

What is Cu-ETP

Cu-ETP is the most common copper. It is universal for electrical applications. CuETP has a minimum conductivity rating of 100% IACS and is required to be 99.9% pure. It has 0.02% to 0.04% oxygen content (typical). Most ETP sold today will meet or exceed the 101% IACS specification. Due to its high copper content of about 99% Cu-ETP provides the full antimicrobial properties of copper to inhibit the growth of bacteria, viruses and fungi which are in contact for a short period of time on copper containing surfaces. 

Mechanical and Physical Properties of Cu-ETP

Cu: 99.99 %
Others: 0.03


Tensile strength (MPa) (R200)
200 Mpa

0.2% proof strength (MPa) (R200)

 Vickers hardness  ( HV):   (H065)
65 - 95​

CuCrZr optima
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