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Optima Metals & Industry - CuCrZr, CuCoNiBe, CuCo2Be, Cu-ETP, CuBe2, CuNi2Si

Optima Metals is producer of copper alloys, bronze, brass and distributor of tool steels. Our production method is casting, forging, heat treatment and rough machining. CuCrZr, CuCoNiBe, CuCo2Be, Cu-ETP, CuBe2, CuNi2Si are the main alloys that we produce. The alloys could be used automotive industry, aviation industry, marine industry, heavy machinery, rail welding, wire mesh production, aluminium die casting, plastic parts production etc.

CuCrZr CuCr1Zr, DIN 17666 - C15000, W .NR. 2.1293 – Class 2 (II), CuCrZr, CW106C

CuCoNiBe CuCoNiBe, DIN 17666 - C17510, CW103C, C17500 : CLASS 3 (III), CuCoNi1Be CuCo2Be

CuCo2Be, DIN 17666 - C17500, 2.1285 , CW 104C, AFNOR: UK2Be, B534, Class3 (III) CuBe2

CuBe2, W.NR. 2.1247 DIN 17672 – C17200, CW101C, UBE 2, C17300, RWMA: Class 4(IV),

CuNi2Si+Cr CuNi2SiCr, 2.0855, C18000, CW111C, CuNiSi, CuNi2Si, C70250, CuNi2Si +Cr Class 3 (III),

Cu-ETP Cu-ETP, 2.0065 , E-Cu58 , E2-Cu58 , C110000, Cu99.9E, 5010, Cu 99.95, Cu-OF1 (OF-Cu)


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