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CuCrZr (CW106C)

CuCrZr alloy is with high electrical conductivity and high mechanical properties provides us to use for especially RW application Resistance Welding is a welding process , in which work pieces are welded due to a
combination of a pressure applied to them and a localized heat generated by a high electric current
flowing through the contact area of the weld. Additionaly it used for contacts of electrical lines as a result of high electricty. Conductivity and used for ingot moulds for gravity die casting of brass and copper.

Some of Applications
Seam welding discs wheels
Spot welding electrodes
Disc holder and arms
Gravity casting dies for brass or non ferrous casting
Seam Welding Discs are used for
For welding of panel Radiators
For welding of fuel tanks of car
For welding of kitchen sinks
For welding of steel cans
For welding of Steel barells , etc

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