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It is rapidly growing in use where higher mechanical properties are required.

Opti307 has great corrosion and wear resistance with its higher hardness and strength.

As a result of all these properties, this alloy is the most preferred material by many machine manufacturers , marine and even aircraft manufacturers. Additionally it can be used in food industry machine because of anti-corrosive and Lead (Pb) free properties.

CuAl10Fe2 is an extremely hard and tough bronze that can with stand not only static and dynamic loads, but also seawater, corrosion and erosion. It works well also at higher temperatures. It could be used in transmissions (shafts, worm and gear wheels, rims, bearings), including for sliding elements, components of control systems in hydraulics, screws, bolts, nuts, valve seats & forgings.

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Opti304 is with lower additions of nickel and iron.
This alloy has high mechanical properties while maintaining good ductility and toughness and manufactured with low magnetic permeability. Usual applications are marine industry and fasteners (nuts and bolts).


CuAl8Fe3 bronze is a bronze formulated for primary forming into wrought products. 

It has a moderately high melting temperature and can have a moderately high ductility among wrought bronzes.


This alloy is named; silicon aluminium bronze. Mostly produce as round bars. This alloy is perfect for valve production. Also could be use in marine industry, bolts and nuts, marine industry.


CuSn8 -  In bearings resistant to sea water and abrasion, pump components and valve engine components where high performance is required.

CuSn10 - In tin bronzes, 10% tin increases the strength and ductility of the bronze, CuSn10 bronze has high ductility and thus all components operating at low speed under heavy load are also preferred.

CuSn12 - is harder and may deform early when left without oil, it is recommended to be used in systems with automatic lubrication. It is also the most counterfeit bronze type in the market. 

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